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5 Reasons to Holiday in Turkey

5 good reasons to holiday in turkey

Turkey was once a place that was not often found on a list of possible holiday destinations, but that has been changing over the last several years. Turkey is full of diverse cultures and religious ideals; testaments to the fascinating history of that part of the world; and remarkable beaches along 7000 km of coastline. Here are just 5 reasons to holiday in Turkey.

1. Turkey can be a haven for those who love to absorb the history of an area. It has more ruins of the Greek civilization than even Greece and more examples of ancient Roman history than does Rome. The southern coast of Turkey has many old crusader castles in places line Bodrum and Alanya. Here you can wander about the ruins and explore the museums that explain their history.

2. Turkey has its own Riviera that is famous for being a beach holiday destination. The summers run from March to November and the winters are mild. This makes just about anytime of year the right time to bask in the sun on Turkey’s beaches, enjoy surfing and other water sports, and sail the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

3. The various cultures in Istanbul make it a shopper’s paradise. Right next to one of the most lavish of shopping centres you will find the grand bazaars. Peddlers sell not just locally grown produce, but handmade crafts and artifacts from around the region. As you shop you can enjoy views of things like the famous Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. This is one of Turkey’s architectural feats and represents both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. It is currently a museum, but was once a church and later a mosque.

4. Turkish food uses nothing but good locally grown produce. Many restaurants offer what is called a meze. This is a meal that is made up of small portions of many different examples of the local cuisine. Kebabs and fish dishes are very popular. Turkey produces some very fine white and red wines that go well with their food.

5. Nightlife in places like Istanbul and Bodrum is quite lively and often include parties in the streets. You’ll also find plenty of discos and live music.

These 5 reasons to holiday in Turkey barely touch on the many great things that make Turkey a great destination. It has everything you might want: sun, beaches, history, good food, shopping, and culture – this list could go on and on. Private holiday home rentals, hotels and hostels (known as Pensions) offer great accommodation in the most popular holiday destinations.



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